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Information from Sedovia - 1/29/15 Empty Information from Sedovia - 1/29/15

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Everyone please thank Panda for taking notes for us, most of this came from her. And thank you to everyone who added to her notes. In addition, I have some small pieces of more recent information gathered by some of you. I expect more of you will be making your way back to Foxbridge soon with more information.

Going forward, when there is a large gather or when large amounts of information is discovered we will still be meeting on Sunday mornings. The meeting is not private or secret but it is difficult to have a conversation with 30 or more people if everyone wanted to attend. If you have information to share, please do come to the meeting. If your group is already represented and you do not have information to share, please either sit on the outer circle of the meeting or do not feel that you need to attend.

Panda, as long as she wishes, will continue to take notes for us and she and I will do our best to get those notes out to as many groups as possible in between large meetings.

Important going forward: we are guests here. I know we have had some very bad dealings with some of the people in this town, but I doubt that most people are cruel and rude. Please continue to be kind to people you meet unless they later prove themselves to be dishonorable. We do not understand their culture yet, so we should be calm and seek understanding- as we hope they will do with us.

There has been talk of the tax collectors coming by for annual census soon. I heard that once a year, during the first quarterly tax collection, the collectors will also check paperwork for the census. I am not sure what this means for us but for now, please be sure to have your paperwork with you at all times.

There are some miners who have been put out of work due to our people wanting to study Aethem in the mining tunnels- if anyone can think of another way for them to work while we are in their way, it would be helpful. Maybe we can assist with some coin if we will be in their way much longer. I have not heard back from the group that went to investigate Aethem or the group that investigated the Iron Tooth tracks, hopefully they will be back in town soon.


Here are Panda's original notes with all the additions:

Archway -
Dryads had vision dream. Saw 4 dryads from 1k + years ago pass through to travel and help mole-kin with evil beings. 2 dryads died. Field had 6 pointed star on it. Had red glowing gems. Thorn inserted brick and it activated the archway.
Luke - Adventures guild contact let Luke know "source" which is causing problems with the magic in the land nearby. Need to get 3 keys, find it and shut it off. Hugh had one key. Source came with a riddle: What has a face but no face, a windowless room + light when you touch it. Found bracelet, was another key. Lord the keys -> archway not the source. Lord Archway - saw more clear vision of the Dryad dream. 4 - one of each class, in these there were raccoon kin. Fighting darkness, who's source was in the the mountains.
The dryads went to fight in the mountains. Two died attempting this, the other two rifted out and back to the archway then retreated back through the archway. The land they came back to was different. Then plumes of light, an explosion and a wasteland remained. Then people came in to repopulate and formed the 4 nations. Explosion was near Foxbridge and may have come from the archway. Skeleton wars seemed to be in the vision.
Lore Key - Planar asylum.
Lore Bracelet - Cloak Binding
Room -
Based on the riddle Orin followed the two feather haired women. Went with them to the house of Law. The women could sense power in some way and they found a certain area. Orin then went back with a group of adventures. Found a trap door in the magistrates house. Found traps outside and a skull inside. Ashore worked with two others who came from another nation effected by the magic dampening. Under the skull, magic that was "more wrong than necromancy" and "comes from nowhere" did some experiments and returned. To find battle for third key.
Arannin - pushed into distant room to get key with woman who was helping us. They found medallion.
Ashok - got medallion, key, bracelet, took them and friends to bring keys to skull. Adhered keys to skull and seemed to remove magic dampening. Medallion was round with a letter for Zakka.
Kreiger - Found bracelet with a band of heavily armed humans. They were trying to deliver bracelet to "the Mistress". Dee used mind powers to understand that these people have been made into fanatics by an "outside" being.
Death energy appears to be eaten by this Outside power. The plane of bureaucracy === death plane, appears to be understaffed they are putting adventures to work. Belief is that Zakka is working with these elder powers. Wrongness in the magic is from 'outside'.
Ashok - Magic suppression may have been put into play by Zakka about a year and a half or more ago. The guild master Orik may have been drained by this before he was killed.
Glacier - Ice Icon
We went on a voyage to investigate storms on the shipping lanes to Sedovia. Pirates, wearing red sashes called themselves "Widow's Men" had a frozen heart item that let them control the Ice Icon and force it to attack ships and block the shipping lanes. The pirates were defeated. We found on them a letter from Oblivion Rises talking about us. The Ice elemental Icon then showed up and wanted to the talisman that was controlling him. He wanted this talisman (the heart of his peer) and wanted to go home. We made a deal that if we gave the heart back, Glacier would stop attacking, causing storms, and would attempt to go back to his home. He could then assist us against Zakka as she cannot control an Icon. We did return Talisman to him. Later in Sedovia, baita showed up and claimed that the icon was responsible for distruction of several small groups of Biata. Attempted to ?? home via ritual failed. He says that he can reconstitute his friend then help against Zacca. He left, he will check back.
Biata bridges and elementals are an ancient enemy of the Biata. This was a group of hunter Biata from the Biata nation to the north- Fethra’dar. They must not have had papers to be in Sedovia since when getting the Magistrate was mentioned they fled.
Orin - women who have no magic and grow their ranks by "helping lost little girls" they seem drawn to magic power like the source. They referenced MA.
Bargs - called "Barghasts" here
Bat like dogs. Red faced are common, purple faced are stronger. They seem to be able to resist all Evocation spells but can be pinned, Confined, etc. They are not stopped by Prison- Prison heals them. They are very intelligent but do not seem to speak- they were able to figure out how to get in and out of the circle around the tavern. They use claws which can cause Destruction if they get past armor. Some can hit so hard their blows go right through a shield or blocking weapon (probably the purple ones). The can slay and parry blows. I did not witness them using any magic or alchemy-like attacks. If you slit their throats they explode- unless you use a silver weapon. Silver might hurt them more than a normal bladed weapon. A magic weapon did not seem to have any different affect. They can Shatter Spirits if they have time- possibly through making a mark (ritual mark?)
Iron Tooth - He is a slaver who collects wilder kin. He and the "pups" eat sapient creatures. He uses euphoria.
Guild Master Bridgeman was from the Earth Guild from next province over has been transferred to Foxbridge and will rebuild the guild with old apprentice. He created the new circle with an activate-able greater circle of power.
Animus - Keepers of balance.
Dragons: The island has two dragons- one Earth, one Celestial. They keep the balance. Guild Master Bridgeman thinks that there are currently no Dragon Mages- the power he himself used to create the circle was due to an item that he had, he is not a Dragon Mage. The previous Earth dragon turned and became a dracolich 11 years ago. The Dracolich was killed 3 years ago. The adventurers who killed it said that it was sick, tainted by a magical sickness and that it had to die and be replaced. The Guild Master did not know how they accomplished their mission.
Earth Dragon- the current earth dragon is 4 years old and still learning, so far we have seen him take the form of a tall Elf. He says that before the sick Celestial dragon is replaced, the replacement must exist for a year. It's his job to be one of the protectors of the island and to ensure the balance is kept.
The "cranky old man in the cave" is the sick Celestial dragon of the island. DO NOT BOTHER HIM. For any reason. He is sick and getting worse. We will likely assist in fixing this problem- the details are not clear to me on exactly how we do this yet. It will likely involve killing him. Keep this detail quiet for now. If this is indeed the route we must take it is obvious that the dragon should not hear about it before we must act. Other routes may be explored as well.
Great Fire 1000 yrs ago.
Baita stories indicate celestial casters started to "play with things they shouldn't" They became infected. It was passed from C. Scholar to C. Scholar. then moved on to other schools, then into the general populace. It was as though a fire burning through. Baita were hit hardest of all. Many were scarred many, many, died. The dryad dreams indicate that they may have been literal fires. The item that was used to dampen magic (skull from the last gather) was celestial but void tainted. The memory of this is lost and may have been erased, this is only supposition. This coincides in theory with then resurrections began to be difficult. Apparently when you permanently die your body is not found.
Construct Named Aethem
Refers to self in plural + singular. One of 8. Created 800 years ago by Malki. Three are working to prepare Aethem. They have aspects. Two Ice, one of flame, one of lighting and one of stone, are functional. It is created to survive so it protects itself. It is not dangerous unless you attempt to interrupt its work. It is mining. The problem is that the mines are owned by people. There are records 1.5 days south. Did seem to be celestial in nature.
Bando - Animus of Flame
Generally not a trustworthy person and a thief. Will attempt to kill Glacier given the chance. Explained the nature of the planes here. (Need addition of Diagram).
Came because he knew we were here. Knows of our failure to protect Oryx and success at protecting Elan. Indicated that Animus are different throughout the various parts of fortunes. Mist closes a place off when the animus system is about to fail (like the places closed off through the archway). Said that if you killed the opposite animus when one set was out of balance (ie. dead) you might re-balance things.
Iron Tooth -
Dame Lane said the adventures guild will comb the forest. Rosco have given a trail from the site where the child was found. Berit/Crimson fist involvement- they claimed to know where Iron Tooth was and for a price would give us the information. Red Euphoria trade perpetuated by the Widows Men (who are pirates) Red Euphoria is different from regular euphoria differs by making you feel warm and red and fuzzy instead of just in oblivion. He has stolen an item of great cultural importance to the Tribes of the Wind. If this item, the stone of Harak-Lat, is not returned to the Southwind Tribe, the entirety of Savage Lands will be in turmoil.
Oblivion Rises Cult -
Zakka cast ritual Friday night. She was with a tall man. She backlashed the ritual. In her love note to Orin she indicated that she may have done so intentionally. This summoned many void creatures. Among them was a masked being as well, who way also have been a void creatures but was able to steal skills from people. It may be learning this way. The cult had told their members to sacrifice themselves to this being. It was seemingly effected by several types of weapon blows unlike the regular void creatures.
Man who escaped from cult, he had been drawn in by someone, promised prosperity. His mind was not broken. They got news letters. He bailed when asked to sacrifice to the void creature. He killed his fellows and came to us.
Luke's note form Zakka threatened Emilia, and now she can not be found.
No planar gates. Alluvio has asked us not to. The planar gates are linked, it seems to be that when you open one you create an imbalance that can open the opposite or allow in things from "outside"
Cypon -
Old dryad who has awoken and took us to get various skilled groups keys to the archway so they could go out and solve differing problems in the mist closed off lands as the Dryads of old had. Please note: Cypon is young in lived years, but is learning.
Glacier -
We have made a Frozen haven. We have a Ritual Banish Scroll, we need the Elemental Ectoplasm catalyst. Luke is heading up this effort.
Crimson Fist -
May be different in other places. Bad apples may be transferred and the Crimson Fist re-staffed here. Urged to not judge them all for Berit's actions.

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