Information from Sedovia - 11/29/15

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Information from Sedovia - 11/29/15 Empty Information from Sedovia - 11/29/15

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(IG notes, information)

The recent announcement from the King: "the practice of utilizing Visitor Documents within the borders of Sedovia, is suspended on this the 26th day of November in the year 615 P.D." This means that we will no longer be required to get visitor documents to stay in Sedovia and we will not be taxed to stay either. We are still visitors unless you have taken the citizen ship test and been given citizenship. Sedovia is happy with us as allies, we have done a good job.

Many things are happening in one week in Foxbridge- citizens can apply for positions as Reeve or Magistrate. There will be a festival with many games that is to celebrate the adventurers and heroes. If you are able, please attend. It sounds like a good chance to meet more of the local people and get to know them.

During the festival Dame Lane and some Silverblades will be stopping by. We need to make a good impression on them by using their correct titles. Normally, Dame Lane does not demand we follow the law strictly but she will in this case and some of the visiting Silverblades are much more strict. Dame Lane says: "Some expect to be bowed to when they enter a building or upon first meeting an individual. Also, when addressing them, they expect to be addressed as my Good Sir or my Good Dame. First names or last names are reserved for equals or lessers" Dame Lane should also be called "My Good Dame". Likely you all know Dame Lane, but look for the other Silverblades to have white belts. Please be very respectful to them.

Feel free to share this information with our allies. Please tell me if you have more information to add.



As intended, we need to remove the two Elemental Homes that currently exist. I do not have the notes showing how many of the scrolls and catalysts we have for the rituals to remove the homes. I believe we have two Banish scrolls but maybe only one Banish catalyst. I believe we also have two Destroy Magics. The Celestial Guild is concerned about it also and might have the rituals to help us soon.

Luke or Alavatar can you give us an update?

Notes taken at the last meeting:

"Red Euphoria"- dealer/distributors of this is a band of gypsies who are also addicted to it. The kin who were enslaved by Iron Tooth were also addicted. Euphoria Antidote does not remove the effects. We are attempting to make an antidote and check with the Stone Elves to see if we can find a cure. Mixer might have an update.

Aethom: build by one stone elf (Malkai?) around the time of the fires to be a spirit home but no spirit made a home there instead it is a hive mind. There is a mind somewhere but if we destroy it now we don't know what could happen. People have attempted to free it from control so that it could stop mining but it just rampaged and had to be hit until it fell over and could be convinced to go home and repair itself. It will take another 20 years for it to gather just the iron it needs to repair the other two Aethom constructs. People should not mess with its head without both Azyk and Ashok.

Creature that took the Key from Zaka: Zaka was likely controlled or at least tricked by something more powerful. It showed up and took the planar key from her. We think it's name is "Ebana" and it said something like: "Your ambition has overstepped too for you are endangering ____. Give me the key, good luck on your own" Elryon might know more about this creature. It's like this creature is our enemy as well, we just don't know anything about it yet.

Orange, green, and purple feather biata: the ones we have seen are from Fethra'dar and will only kill "dangerous creatures". They are not to operate in Sedovia without permission but they can be here just as any visitor could. In many ways, we share common enemies with them and we should avoid making them our enemy. They have been and can be good allies to us.

Note provided by Ardryk and Aizyk:
"The biggest reason a Biata will leave Fethra’dar is to hunt down what we call “Celestial abominations:” powerful beings made entirely of celestial magic, like the elemental icons. Often, this involves simply scouting out information and reporting back to the Council. Sometimes, this includes celestial casters who try to get too powerful and endanger the world, like Zaka. These biata endanger their own lives in order to combat that which has the potential to become an existential threat, a motivation which many in this community can understand.

From an early age, everyone is taught of the dangers that come from powerful celestial magic, and nobody is willing to risk the Fires returning. Some people take this lesson too far. They spend time training with the Hunters, then strike out on their own because the Hunters “aren’t doing enough.” Hunters only kill those the Council thinks are a threat. These rogue hunters seek to kill all the Celestialists.

Hunters will almost always have orange, purple, and green feathers, but unfortunately, the rogues often will too. For the most part, they keep to themselves when away from home, mistrustful of anybody they come across for fear of social interactions turning violent. If anybody from this community has a confrontation with someone from Fethra’dar, whether hunter or rogue, I urge those involved to find Ardryk or Aizyk. As a member of the Sedovian earth guild in good standing and a citizen of Fethra’dar, Ardryk is perfectly happy to serve as a mediator to help prevent anyone getting needlessly killed."

A story provided by Aizyk and Ardryk:

There is a tale that every Biata from Fethra’dar hears from a young age. I will attempt to recount it here as best I can.
Many human generations ago, there was only one kingdom across the lands, called Aerastria. All manner of races lived peacefully within it. It was a learned kingdom with many scholars and historians. Knowledge was freely spread and cultivated. Some sought to know things they couldn’t control. A group of Celestial scholars started researching powers beyond the known realms. They began to unlock the secrets of a foul magic, and soon after, the fires started burning people. They died in fires created by the magic they had unleashed. Soon others were affected by the fires. It fell upon unsuspecting Celestial casters across the kingdom. The corruption caused them to hurt many innocent people. We learned later it was not limited to Celestial casters. Though they had brought this magic, all would now suffer. The fires spread from Celestial casters to all casters and then to anyone at all. We, the Biata, were the last affected. Eventually it claimed our kin too. Any who had been tainted had to be banned from returning home, for we could not risk everyone else’s corruption. Over the course of a few months, the evil that the Celestialists had conjured wiped out the Kingdom, leaving it in ruins. It took centuries to rebuild. We did not participate in the forming of these new nations. Instead we built in caves of the central mountains. From there we’ve watched the other races build these 4 nations ever watchful of Celestialists seeking out too much power.

Forget Me Not: also called "Dragon Lillies" or "Iron Rose" There is a rumor that terrible things happen around them. Stories from Valenzia say that great destructive Celestial magic creates them. They are not in the Savage Lands. Wildmoor has no legends about them. Only consistent lore is that they took a lot of resources to make and are probably a memorial of something.

Bando for at least the next year, he has promised to follow the law and not have any of his people break the law either. Please report to me if he steps out of line.

Aluvio has told us to "make as many sleep gasses as possible" for "upcoming challenges". This is the only note on this that I have, does anyone know anything else about this?

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