Information from Sedovia - 2/12/16

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Information from Sedovia - 2/12/16 Empty Information from Sedovia - 2/12/16

Post by Alavatar on Wed Mar 30, 2016 3:57 pm

Notes taken at the Sunday morning information meeting. Unless interrupted by battle/missions meetings will continue on Sunday of each gather, at 10am.

If anyone has corrections or significant additions, please let me know.


Two bodies were found Saturday with symbols on their necks and their throats slit along a line in the symbol. One symbol resembled a closed eye- a curved line (the cut was long this line) this four shorter lines going down from it and one line going up in the center of the curved line. The second symbol looked like a line with an arrow point in each direction from each end of the line (the cut was made on the center line). The bodies were laid on tables and had no papers or anything on them to help identify them. There was nothing magical about them when they were Identified. The bodies were taken to the Earth Guild for burial.

Aethom: there are 8 total Aethom, 5 have been deactivated, 1/2 is marching north, 1/2 is stuck inside the Tavern Circle as of the time of the meeting (two halves were broken apart in the battle with it); Before the plague, small stone dolls were created and given to children- when the slept, any of their nightmares would be collected in the dolls. When the doll was full, it was simply thrown away. The Aethom are created from these full dolls. A person named Malchai (likely) put them together into the Aethom in a desperate attempt to save people from the fire plague by storing their spirits but it didn't work. The one spewing nightmares that we faught was broken. They have control stones in them- where the heart would be in they were humanoid. Do not ever break these stones! They should be removed instead- Azyk and Ardryk have had success in the past at removing them. If you remove one, please bring them to Azyk.

The 1/2 aethom that is currently travelling north, still spewing nightmares- Azyk thinks that it will move out into the wild, probably away from towns. Sir Paulen (please forgive spelling) was tracking it as well.

Luke did a lore on some burnt journal pages we had- the journal was written by Jacob (the now-spirit, owner of the tavern) it was a person journal about opening the tavern, hiring people, he was friends with Lumos. An assistant of Lumos, Jiles (?) would give Jacob updates on the research they were doing. There was some description of a meeting with a celestial dragon- the dragon spoke to Lumos for three hours and then left. There was concern but the assistant was excited about it. **we should ask Jacob more about this, see what he remembers**

Lumos: first person to be infected with the fire plague- "Lumos Disease". He was recently found in his workshop- seemed to be frozen- until a scroll was touched and then he seemed to come un-frozen and the claw marks started glowing and he summoned Void elementals by voice. He was one of those who attacked us Friday night of last gather. He was looking for Jacob.

Lumos Disease: the only known cure is permanent death (resurrection does not cure it) or the recently found "Spirit Restoration" scroll that is supposed to cure anything. We need it's catalyst- a "Bowl of Ancient Bone"

The Gift of Life sword- was not made by griffon was made by a Biata. The story is that they could not make the life sword without also making it's opposite (Luke got this information from Valenzia)

Deruvia: Rosco and Durnic went to gather more information on what happened at Deruvia. There was no undead army and no battle- around 500 townsfolk were killed. They think it is likely that the Griffon mind-controlled everyone, had them march to the center of town and killed them. This is the theory since it is unlikely that one creature could otherwise kill and move 500 bodies without some sort of battle or chaos.
There were four Forget Me Nots that likely exploded in Deruvia- bits of metal and plant matter were found. It is likely that they were not destroyed but that they exploded because there were so many people killed there at one time when the Griffon attacked that they were over loaded.

The "Collective" or "Connective": Durnic reports that the Crimson Fist came to him to help track down a kidnapped girl being taken by dwarves. They were tracked at nightfall and arrested and the girl rescued. The leader admitted to kidnapping people for the last two months, taking four people (2 humans, 1 elf, 1 wilderkin). They don't know who was employing them- they communicated only thru contacts, dropboxes. They pick people with no family or people who will miss them and leave them at the foot of the Auros Mountains. They were told they were doing a good thing, the people would then be taken by another group to employment or a good place to live where they will have a "happy good life". The girl that was saved, was captured when she had arranged to meet her fiance to elope but when he didn't show up (caught by his parents) they dwarves showed up to offer her passage to the mountains. She refused and was forced to go with them. Eventually the seemed to convince her that she would be going to a good place and since she had no family and thought that her fiance had left her, she eventually seemed to agree to go. It is a theory that these people are being delivered to be test subjects for plague research- but this is just a theory. Durnic and his people will be attempting to find out more about the second group who is taking the people after "the Collective" delivers them.

The previous magistrate was kidnapped, trapped and bound in a cave where there were bargs. Durnic and his people found him before the bargs could kill him. They attempted to track the people who had kidnapped him- the prints led into the woods and then seemed to head into where a boat was and they couldn't track further. Roan thinks this sounds a lot like what happened to her and others the first time they tried to come to Sedovia- they were also bound in a cave near bargs probably so that the bargs would kill and eat them. If so, the people who kidnapped the former magistrate could be Widow's Men- pirates who wear red sashes.

Each race who survived the plague at all were turned into something else- for instance, humans who survived the plague were turned into the Voleg. Wilderkin who survived are the bargs- this is why they are so smart. We have not yet heard what other races might have been turned into.

An artifact that was previously unable to be moved was stolen by a creature called Sightless son of Portal- it can use bodies as a puppet to do what it wants on this plane. This creature is working with Aelin Moor another necromantic creature who are stealing artifacts from many lands who will likely eventually attempt to destroy all the races- perhaps all the lands? so that they can have silence. Or that's what they say. More information on them is being gathered by Alavatar and his tower can be visited to access what he has gathered.

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