Information from Sedovia - 3/23/16

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Information from Sedovia - 3/23/16 Empty Information from Sedovia - 3/23/16

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Notes- taken by Panda and Durnic at our Sunday meeting. Please share with other allies in town and respond if any information is incorrect or you have additions.


Dragon - Location of the needed Catalyst is a cave full of undead in Nightshade woods. Mandala Bolla is his full name. He has 35,000 body. Got the body info from the “copper” truth telling statue. Which means we will need 700 donated body to complete the ritual and 70 components.

Lumos - Lord Arannin dispatched him twice. he seems to have 10 spell guards or so. He is only affected by magic weapons and he uses celestial magic, he is immune to binding and maybe alchemy. he shattered Red’s spirit and she permanently died during the encounter on Friday night. When he resurrected after Roan and Lord Arannin encountered him in the woods and dispatched him, he resurrected out of a bright beam of light from Mandara Bolla’s chest. He is likely resurrecting at the one place the plague is still present and accessible

Void Walker - Circles are casters, Diamonds have marshal skill, V’s are strong/massive attacks. they seem to only take silver and normal damage. one had a reverse threshold. They took elemental damage and often had spell guards. One was digging towards the underground structure.

Cave Gobber - Jacob cleared this up. Green goblinoids with big red smiles. They seemingly have no trained magical ability but are able to channel Prisons. They also eat their kills whole and weakness spells and gasses cause them great pain.

Spirit Home - We found out that the Tavern Spirits are infected with the plague and could be used to re-infect the world. Jacob and Lumos were confidants and friends. Jacob does not know why Lumos is coming for him directly. Jacob said that in the end, the spirits in the tavern will have to "die" in order for the plague to be truly gone.

Jacob’s old diary was found. Jacob does not remember much of what was in it. He does not remember going to visit M.B. The dragon. He did say that M.B. was closely allied with the original researchers.

New Corpse with Marks - Woman with face bashed in that had Arcane Mark. Body was bashed so hard into the a tree that the tree was blasted away and the mark was left imprinted on the tree as well. Sightless may have claimed ownership of this?

Rosco and Durnic -
investigated a potential slaving ring. were trying to find contact cat the base of mountains. three humans came and then fled. they tracked the back to the town of Finn Vale in Baronay of ***

Plague Touched - They seem to be working for Lumos now.

Stone Elves - Golden - Gold faces, no information about their weaknesses or strengths. Apparently one went through Foxbridge a couple of events ago and it was not wild or feral.
Humans - Voligs - Humans who's faces and bodies are covered in horrible weeping sores. They have pack-like tenancies and have been known to use the Barghasts as kind of attack creatures.
Dwarves - Torn - Dwarves with only stubble remaining; it appears as if their beards have been torn off. These are the military commanders of this group we are currently fighting. They have spoken of working for Lumos and use small team tactics. Their claws channel Destruction magic. They have taken poison effects, even though they were once Dwarves.
Elves - Eblor - Elves with long black cuts on their faces. Casters mainly, I saw few with martial prowess. Elemental damage mainly but get up on them and they had no ways to really protect themselves.
MWE - Wildings - Of the ones we have seen so far their martial skill is low and their spell skill is also low. They had very quick Regeneration-like abilities (30 seconds or so) and had to be killed with a cou-de-grace. When I did, however, I was immediately struck with a very, very weak Vengeance with the power of a single dagger blow. They have taken command effects, gases, binding and curses.
Wylderkin - Barghasts - Seem to come in two varieties, red faces and purple faces. The purple ones mend all wounds when hit with a Prison spell and are capable in terms of martial skill. The red faces are not only capable of decent martial skill but also are able to swing with such might that it breaks through shields and parries and damages people protected in Prisons.
Biata - "Vultures" - I put this in quotes simply because that is what the Griffon called them, so it might be some kind of slur against them? No information about strength or weaknesses.
Dyrads - Were not awake at the time of the Celestial Fires so it is unlikely that any of them were transformed.

We still have no information on the High Orcs, Barbarians, Gypsies, or Hoblings. We previously thought that these creatures the "Cave Gobbers" were transformed High Orcs but Jacob knew about them and told stories of them from before the Fires. We suspect that the "Honor Bears" around the area are actually transformed High Ogres but we have little evidence to back that up, other than they seem to really hate it when necromancy is around them.

It is very important, because apparently there was some confusion, that all of the Plaguetouched races are still affected by the corresponding Race Reaver rituals. Voligs take extra damage from Human Reavers, as an example.

The Griffon - Admitted to Roscoe, Durnic and Bowie that he used his mind abilities to control the people of Deruvia before killing them.

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