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Information from Sedovia - 12/19/15 Empty Information from Sedovia - 12/19/15

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Little: Was able to remove the Obfuscate and cast a Vision on the formerly greater obfuscated forget-me-not at a farm outside of town. Vision showed a formalist being, he was bored, there were a bunch of them and they knew each other’s names. Attempted to relieve boredom. They made the flowers, it absorbed lives as they died, the being could then see color and as more was absorbed, other pieces of the world (our world?). The Being placed more flowers to absorb life first. It sees this land as full of life force and consumable. Vision was to try and find origin of Forget-Me-Nots. Little intends to cast a resonance and a vision at the next gather if people want to participate. They may all be connected. The one out side of town after they cast, he was able to take away a piece of it. ?The plants were turned into constructs by their creation as forget-me-nots?  Little has a piece broken off from one.  Important note: these are very likely the reason that people do not resurrect in here (or at least one of the pieces of the puzzle)

Luke: Bando gave us burnt pages from before the great fire so we should also Lore those.

Little: Also has two pieces of Seeker mark items, inert, should be Lored.

Tristian:  He is a member of the Earth Guild and the leader of the local sect of the Radiant Conclave, which is what the symbol on his forehead is for. They are dedicated to the irradiation of Necromancy as it is Sedovia’s greatest threat. There are 8 of them here in Foxbridge, with 100-200 across Sedovia.  He complained that the Earth Guild did not see much threat of necromancy in Sedovia so they are underfunded and it's hard for them to find replacements when their members fall.

Aizyk: Story of being kidnapped by the undead force: Asked by a "townsfolk" for escort, Durnic, her, Ardryk and a few others walked quire a ways as escort till they came upon a man holding another man at sword point on the road. The man with the sword claimed to be of the Radiant Conclave and that the man would not pay the toll. The group tried to de-escalate the situation, then they were jumped from the woods and gassed into the ground. Their attackers were live (not undead), Aizyk managed to just be paralyzed not slept so she reports the rest of this. They were marched 10-15 minutes out to a cave, and kept gassed. A second group (with Anuk and several others) was brought in. There were 20-30 bad guys. They had the chaos item that we had attempted to find on Friday- a red and silver sword with the word "Suffering" written in Biata writing.  Eventually the vampire used the sword “Suffering” on the adventures to turn them into greater undead. Aizyk tried to talk to him after in hopes of getting information and she was given separate commands from the others, specifically to kill her brother. She then saw him hand the sword to a man with a royal blue floor length cape, saying “Bargain is complete”.
They were all then lead to the town and told to Rend the Living. The vampire was attacking because the adventures had “killed vampires or conclave family or something”. Aizyk ran away during the battle then ended up in with the secondary group that the Knights pushed into town from the woods.

Tristian: Had been looking for tools to use against the undead. He knew that undead were coming to Foxbridge. He found out about the two swords and the talisman the Charm of Auros. Knew these would be of use and known to the undead who would probably try to claim them. He contacted Aizyk, Ardryk, Amery, and Orin to let them know of the coming undead, then came into town as soon as he could to let us know he had found locations. He is also going to be conducting and investigation into the Radiant Conclave to see if they have traitors.

Azyik: No movement on Aethem. They found a door, needs an Elysium Stone to open- a celestial artifact. Murigahl will be going to ask family about it. Think it may be a stone elf equivalent of a memory stone. C. Guild is helping. They think they can come up with one in the next several weeks. We think the door is to the heart of Athem and the lost home stone.

Ardryk: Cypon is missing. He’s going to check in with the dryads. All the necklaces are inert.

Old Man: real name is: Mandara Bola, we agree to leave him alone. The former-spirit stolen from the tavern, Kruk, is now his representative. Give things to Kruk. He may be helping the dragon research a cure, at the lease he is helping to keep the dragon as calm as possible and provide someone to talk to.

Oona: Rufaro found Tent. He was total do bring flower to the tent. The did knock nock joke riddles. Tent talked with floating sign things leading them from the tavern with the signs. It’s a magic based riddle room. Traps and undead outside. Needs masters to replenish stores. may have been the same tent as was found in the golden horn.

Luke: Vision of burning Deruviua- asked “What happened in Deruvia, who was responsible?”. Saw griffin, blinding seething with rage, bloodlust, it targeted the library, it killed everyone in town, with brightest faster mana use Luke has ever seen. The griffin had red and silver feathers. It wrote “Never Again” in blood on the library. . Rosco and Durnic are going to investigate if it was just the griffin or if he had undead or other things with him.

Azyk: Screaming person in tavern could not see or hear other people. Could sense touch. Rufaro has more info. He was clearly broken minded. We delivered him to the earth circle. left messages of “you are not alone, we are here, the magic hides you from us, you are safe”  There were at least two other crazy people in the tavern during the gather. The simple man cooking and the man who was trying to kill himself.

The dwarf who was running drinking roulette was purifying people arcanely. Her name may be Gin.

The banishing and description of the elemental homes went really well. Luke asked Glacier to keep and eye out for Ebona and if he finds info, to contact us. Seems to be a growing threat of outsiders across Fortanis. They may be part of the problem with the plane of Bureaucracy.

Fethredar has not had knowing contact with griffins for “some time”.

Rufaro has a banish catalyst. Luke has the scroll.

Resonance: How can the danger Mandara Bola presents be resolved to the benefit of the land and it’s people.

Voice: You have formed a covenant what you see you must share. Called not to act but to guide. More than the 12 must be chosen and then act.
Darkness, heartbeats.
Harvest of next year. People sought magic for a cure. Now there is a battle happening with the Old Man. Eluvio is helping, but can not fight. The old man is slain. A new C. Dragon is born somewhere.

Harvest of next year. thing were sought and a price was paid. the dragon is crackling with energy resisting the urge to gather mana. above, maybe friends, a shadowed figure in a hut, wants a price to cure the dragon. Later, the shadowed figure draws life force off a large sphere, there is a clap of magic, the dragon grows strong again.

Harvest of next year. Friend are fighting the dragon. They taunt him. They are hit with raw mana. Eluvio has broken an oath and joined the fight. He is helping people from the circle. the Mana does not slay them. Eluvio is loosing power. Weakening. As this happens the C. dragon grows healthier, stronger, they call a truce and meet in the middle of the battle. After some time talking, they both turn towards us and grow strong and healthy.

Harvest of next year. A large circle, many ritualists in it. The whole town passes through the circle donating blood, life force, dropping in into a bowl. Magic rolls through the ground, hits the dragon and he is restored.

Voice: you have seen many paths, you must now know how it began.

A long time ago. A Mystic Wood Elf has more mana than is possible, casts all her spells, they all but explode out of her, when they are expended, she collapses, sweating. All manner of people were struck by the spells. The whole town is either running or exploding with their own spells.
A week later. We see a man who we had seen hit by the mana from the MyWe, his skin sloughs off, his flesh roasts. A child, likewise struck, burns from the inside out.
Those who can cast magic explode, those who done die horribly.
The whole land is covered in this plague and burns.
There is a long dark time where no one dared draw mana.
We see a hot spark in the ground. It is always there, it grows bigger with time. Finally there is a surge of rage and a blinding flash of light.

Leonin Survivor Report:
He was captured at night, put in a cart, a sack over his head. When they stopped he smelled fresh blood and lots of death, he could also hear death and resurrection. He managed to break free of his bonds. He saw 100’s of undead. there were 12 dark figures, who smelled like the great races, who’s hands glowed very bright with mana. He attempted to flee, killed 6 or 7, but was brought down and woke up in the circle.
His Resurrection: He felt the urge to return to the circle, was compelled to come back, but as he neared the circle he felt as if hooks were pulling, chains were hauling him away from the circle, it was the worst pain he ever felt.

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